10 Autism Facts and Statistics: autism rates in Amish, countries that don’t vaccinate and more

Autism prevalence is increasing day by day, and it is estimated that this year more children will be diagnosed with autism than with AIDS, cancer, and diabetes combined. It is one of the fastest growing developmental disorders in the world, that affects 1 in 68 children. While there are some suggestions regarding what contributes to the development of autism, specific factors are still unknown.One of the widespread beliefs about causes of autism is that vaccination can cause it. This discussion has divided the population around the globe among those who are pro-vaccine and those who are anti-vaccine. Both sides will claim that there is scientific evidence to support their belief and whatever the truth is, statistics show that autism rates are on the rise. To find out more about this, you can check Insider Monkey’s article on 10 autism facts and statistic: autism rates in Amish, countries that don’t vaccinate and more. I have to say that it is interesting that autism is almost non-existent in Amish community, which is famous for low vaccination rates.

he best approach, when it comes to autism treatment is the combination of education programs, behavior therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, etc. Each autistic child is unique, and symptoms vary from child to child. Many of them are avoiding social interaction, eye contact, and communication in general. Also, a lot of autistic children have a very short attention span for certain things while they can endlessly repeat some other actions. Restricted and repetitive behavior has been recognized as the core symptom of autism, often displayed from early childhood. You can also take a look at the article about best school districts in New York City for autism. With proper education and treatment, symptoms of autism can be significantly reduced.


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