20 Biggest One Hit Wonders Of All Time

20 Biggest One Hit Wonders Of All Time

One of the phenomena which click your mind when you think of the music industry is mainstream music and artists and the other phenomenon is that of one-hit wonders. One-hit wonders include those songs which are released or sung by an unpopular and unknown artist or a group of artists and that song gains fame and reaches the top position in the music charts. But usually, it appears that the next project of the same group or artist got fail in gaining such a high level of popularity. Therefore, they are known to be one-hit wonders. This current post is based on an article that I have read on Yahoo shared by Insider Monkey about the 20 Biggest One Hit Wonders Of All Time. The following criteria is used by Insider Monkey for selecting the one-hit wonders:

“Here we have a list of the 20 biggest one-hit wonders in the music industry. We have ranked them by the number of weeks they stayed on the Top 40 chart, compiled from the Billboard 100. The data has been collected from listings in the Billboard 100, Wall Street, and USA Today.”

Let’s start with the first item on the list which is “More Than Words” which was released in the year 1991 and remained on the top of music charts for around 17 weeks. The band which sung this song was Extreme which involves Nuno Bettencourt and Gary Cherone. This was a rock band but they changed their tempo and released this ballad performance. This song was being nominated for Americal Music Awards and Grammys Awards in 1992. Until December 2020, there were approximately 513 million views of this song on YouTube. The next one-hit wonder on the list is “Hey Mickey, you so fine” which is representing Pop Culture and was released by Toni Basil. Toni released his album in 1981 under the name “Word of Mouth” and this song was part of it. This song remained to trend for 17 weeks starting October 1982 until February 1983. On Youtube, there are around 7 million views on this song. 3rd song on the list of one-hit wonders is “This Is Why I’m Hot” which was sung by Shawn Mims in 2007. This song remained on the top of the music charts for around 18 weeks. None of the other songs released by the singer received appreciation and praise, so he moved to Silicon Valley and started working on the RecordGram app. His one-hit wonder has 17 million views on YouTube. 

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20 Biggest One Hit Wonders Of All Time


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