Best Blue-Chip Dividend Stocks to Buy in 2021

For complete one year, we faced irreparable loss due to the coronavirus pandemic. It created a wave of uncertainty around the globe. We wasted a full 1 year to this pandemic, which caused irreparable damage to the global economies. It will take a few years to bring all the things to pre-coronavirus level. Analysts claim that things will be back to normal during 2024. The travel industry was worst hit by this pandemic. Economic managers are of the view that global travel will reach the pre-COVID-19 level by the year 2025. The aviation industry was amongst those industries that got affected the most. Various global airlines filed for bankruptcy due to intermittent lockdowns. The same situation was witnessed with the stock exchange building. The investment nosedived and global stock exchanges reported huge losses due to the economic slump. Financial and economic activities have picked up during the third quarter of 2020 and it seems like things will improve by the end of 2021. We will discuss about Best Blue-Chip Dividend Stocks to Buy in 2021 in this article. The information has been gathered from an article shared by Insider Monkey on Yahoo.

JPMorgan Chase & Co is a renowned name in the banking and financial industry. This dividend stock is one of the favorite stocks of investors and it was on the list of 118 hedge funds by the end of September, during the third quarter of last year. At present, the company is offering a quarterly dividend of $0.90 per share and it was strange to observe that the bank sustained its dividend. The strong revenue and earnings of the bank is the reason behind the bank’s sustained growth. Another popular dividend is of Chevron Corporation. It is an oil and gas company with a strong dividend history. The company has been paying dividends during the past 33 years. The company managed to sustain growth and output in 2020 due to decrease in global crude prices. Meanwhile, the competitors of Chevron Corporation have been finding it difficult to maintain their output and to avoid bankruptcies. Crude oil was being traded in the negative during the second quarter of the previous year and the global power sector reported a loss of over 40% for the entire year. This was only a brief introduction about these two companies. You can read more about other dividend stocks at 10 Blue Chip Dividend Stocks Hedge Funds Are Buying.

Best Blue-Chip Dividend Stocks to Buy in 2021

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