Cheapest Ecommerce Stores in the US

For various people, shopping is a hobby and a source of enjoyment to get relaxed from daily chores of life. As per a survey by NetCom Suisse eCommerce Association and UNCTAD, online buying has increased by 6 to 10 percent through all the product categories. The survey was conducted in collaboration with Inveon and Brazilian Network Information Center. The coronavirus pandemic last year has shifted the need towards a more digital world. Due to global economic slowdown, the average per person spending witnessed a decrease. Consumers curtailed their larger expenses and focused more on essential commodities. The spending habits of consumers belonging to emerging and developed economies were the same. Among all the industries, the travel and tourism sector were the worst affected because due to lockdowns, people were not able to go outside freely. Now, as the vaccine will soon be available to people, the post coronavirus situation will be different. It is likely that people will continue to prefer online purchases. It would not be wrong to say that people have become more digital-oriented. Keep reading this article and you will get ideas about Best Cheapest Ecommerce Stores in the US as shared by Insider Monkey.

Amazon is the largest ecommerce website. It is a US-based company, and it ranks among the top 5 US companies along with others including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple. You can buy whatever you need from Amazon. The company is involved in areas of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and ecommerce. Amazon is considered as the best online selling website in the US and elsewhere in the world. Jeff Bezos, the world richest person owns this company. Amazon has good consumer-oriented policies as well. Another popular US company is American Eagle Outfitters. It is headquartered in Pennsylvania. It was established way back in the year 1977. It specialized in selling clothing, lifestyle, and accessories, both for men and women. Besides manufacturing jeans, the company also produces swimsuits and lingerie sets for women. The shipping is free across the US, on the condition that your minimum purchase is $50. The company has launched a mobile app for its customers to make their shopping experience fun and easy. Is this information interesting? Do you want to read about other companies? Visit 15 Cheapest Online Shopping Sites in USA on Yahoo and keep reading about other companies.

Cheapest Ecommerce Stores in the US

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