Top 5 Web Hosting Companies In The World

Top 5 Web Hosting Companies In The World

During the 1990s, if a firm or an individual wants to upload their website on the internet, they need a special server or PC. For server set up at that time, people need extraordinary processor speed and strong RAM Along with that, technical skills were also needed for running and overseeing the servers. You can easily upload a site on a personal PC, but no one else can see it unless it is transferred to a web hosting server. As not every company has the aptitude or financial plan to do so, therefore hosting services began to upload sites of clients on their specific servers. I have read a post on Yahoo shared by Insider Monkey in which they have explained web hosting service in the following words:

“Web hosting is a service provider that permits associations and people to post a site or website page onto the Internet. Site content, for example, HTML, CSS, and pictures must be housed on a server to be viewable on the web. So essentially, web hosting is intended to make your life simpler by saving you the hassle to do all that yourself. Web hosting permits an individual or an organization to make their site that can be seen by anybody through the web. Web hosts provide this service by offering space in a server that can be leased or can be utilized by a customer at no expense.”

Here we are now counting the top 5 web hosting companies in the world as listed by Insider Monkey. An Israel based web-hosting company is on our list. The company is providing cloud-based services to web developers. This allows clients to create a variety of mobile sites and HTML5 sites through easy drag and drop options. Wix is offering all that a client needs to develop a website including web hosting for free. Customers have to option to chose premium plans in accordance with the highlighted features of each plan. The next web hosting company that we have selected for our list is Google Cloud. It gives a versatile, reliable, adaptable, and strong stage for sites. Google Cloud is offered by Google by using the particular framework which is used by Google for the purpose of serving content from different places including Gmail, YouTube, and You could easily serve the content of your website and present it to the rest of the world with the help of selecting the plan which best matches your needs. 

The list is long which you can read directly at 15 largest hosting companies in the world.

Top 5 Web Hosting Companies In The World


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