Top 10 Cloud Companies

top 10 cloud companies

Which are some of the largest cloud computing firms in the world at present? All during the pandemic in 2020, cloud remained the buzz word. The increasing popularity of the latest technology has urged IBM actually to split its activities of the business to get a split-off firm to concentrate entirely on the cloud. This particular decision was not taken overnight, but the result of the regular slump of its specific software segment along with the huge development of the cloud segment. The company is planning to introduce a separate firm for the services of IT infrastructure under a new name in 2021. This appears as the landmark decision taken by IBM legacy in 109 years.  The cloud-related services range from PaaS, Iaas, to Saas. And also inside these categories of services, cloud solutions could be hybrid, private, or public. This is making it a broader market whereby organizations may concentrate and put energies on particular areas under the cloud umbrella. The majority of us have no knowledge about the top 10 biggest players in the cloud computing industry in terms of revenues that they have generated through their cloud segments. Here, we are now sharing the top 10 cloud companies after getting inspired by the post shared by Insider Monkey on Yahoo. So, let’s start exploring these cloud companies now. 

The list of the top 10 cloud companies starts with ServiceNow which is a cloud service provider using PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) which supports the organization in making their workflow automatic. Technical management support is offered by the company and “Orlando” has been recently launched by the company. Orlando is the latest version of cloud software which is based on AI technology. The cloud revenue of the company is around $3,460 million. The next biggest cloud computing company on the list is Workday which is functioning in Human Resource and Financial Management. Many of its customers who are making use of its HRM solutions include BP and Walmart Inc. Talent Marketplace is planning to use Workday for developing workforce mobility via Talent Marketplace. The cloud revenue of the company is $3,630 million. This is not the end, you can read more about these cloud computing companies in the post “15 biggest cloud companies in the world” shared by Insider Monkey.

top 10 cloud companies


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