10 Best Cities for Pale Skin

The summer’s just around the corner, and the things are looking up. Days are longer, the weather is more than pleasant, and the clear, blue sky is particularly inviting when it comes to spending more time outside. In the deep shade. With a hat, sunglasses, and a thick layer of sunscreen. Indeed, life is no picnic for the pale skinned (ah, the picnics…). That’s why Insider Monkey has compiled a list of 10 best cities for pale skin in the US. Let’s take a look where you should move to in order to feel free and fully protected from the damaging rays.

OK, so perhaps this is making us sound like you’re a superhero who is afraid of some deadly rays, while all the others are blissfully enjoying the warmth. Truth be told, they should be taking greater care of themselves, too. Skin cancer is one of the most common types of the disease, and unfortunately, lots of people aren’t even aware they have it, and often react too late. Having aristocratic pale skin may not be so bad, after all.

At least during history, it was greatly admired. It’s a real mystery why the tan has become so important and desirable nowadays. Perhaps it’s a sign we can afford lots of vacations, i.e. we are rich? Not that we’ve specifically noticed any fresh tan with Bill Gates or Marc Zuckerberg. Once upon a time, only people who worked in the fields had a dark complexion, and it was pretty uneven, too. Pale skin used to be observed as a sign of nobility and wealth. And some of us have been blessed with acquiring the tan very slowly, too.

Now, let us explain how Insider Monkey did their research. The most obvious way of determining which city is the best for pale skin is to look at its average UV index, isn’t it? That surely was the starting point. However, one more criterion came into play. You must’ve noticed how red and swollen your skin gets after a mosquito bite. In comparison to your tanned friends, you suffer a great deal more. For this reason, Insider Monkey chose to include the cities which have the least mosquito population into the equation, too.

One more note regarding the climate. Everyone’s been raving about how humid weather is great for the skin, but it doesn’t have to be the case. What is sure is the fact that you’ll accept humidity in a much better way than people with oily skin, for instance.

So, if you’re fed up with hiding from the sun, why don’t you move somewhere where the sun is your friend, and you won’t even have so many red spots if you decide to stroll along the quay? Read on about 10 best cities for pale skin and find the most appealing.



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