10 Best Countries to Teach in International Schools

For all the teachers out there, the time has come yet again to start sending CVs to distant lands in search of new adventures. Nowadays the world is your oyster since so many opportunities are waiting for you. The only difficulty is, how to choose the best country for teachers to work in? Insider Monkey included several very practical criteria for 10 best countries to teach in international schools.

It’s often overlooked that teaching is one of the noblest jobs. You are taking care of people and helping them learn the vital information for their future. What is more, your job usually involves shaping young minds and enticing them to become more open to new ideas, people, and cultures. A great teacher is simply invaluable. If the respect for you matches a high international school teacher salary, then you can be perfectly content. By the way, when talking money matters, some of the best countries to teach English and save money can be found in an article about 13 highest paying countries for teachers, or, more precisely, you can take a look at the 15 Highest Paying Cities for Teachers.

But there will be no talk about UAE here if that’s what you had in mind. Interestingly enough, the final criterion for ranking the very best countries for teachers isn’t related to their finances. Of course, the starting point was a list of countries with the most prestigious, renowned schools combined with countries that offer the highest salary. However, all that fades if you feel restricted in a way, doesn’t it? The human freedom index was used as the perfect indicator of how good a country is for foreign teachers. Curiously, the very first country has the best schools and is in the 1st place in the world according to the human freedom index.

Can you guess which country we’re talking about? If you wish to have the greatest job in the world, start sending CVs to one of these 10 best countries to teach in international schools!


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