10 Best Fields of Law to Practice

I’m sure most of you watched a couple of TV shows focusing on amazing lawyers who are the best in their job and you’ve thought at least once: “I want to be like him/her”. Well, if you choose to pursue career in law, you will have a chance to become like one of your favorite characters but will have to work A LOT to get there. Law is a very broad field of study and it is important to decide what you want to specialize in. Insider Monkey staff created a list of 10 best fields of law to practice which lists fields of law according to median annual salary along with brief job descriptions.

Defining “best field of law” is a very tricky task since every field of law has its importance and purpose and it would be unfair putting one field over the other. Although this specific issue is not measurable the common question is about most lucrative law practices and highest paying law fields are often seen as the best ones. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, median annual salary for lawyers, in general, is around $118.160. The lowest 10% in this profession earned around $56,910 and those in the top 10% earned even more than $208,00. In any case, if law career is in your mind, you should focus on getting proper education including specialization if you are committed to building your career in the specific field of law. Also, there are lawyers who never enter the courtroom but focus their expertise on research, drafting and advising. The choice depends on your interests and how many working hours are you willing to dedicate to your job as well as where you want to focus your attention. If your main focus is to help people regardless of earnings, jobs with lower salaries can bring you personal satisfaction. in any case, if you are wondering about pursuing a career in the law sector, Insider Monkey’s list can give you some ideas about your future job.


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