10 Best Places to Live in the USA for Sinus Headaches

“Whether you are at work, vacationing at the beaches of Greece or socializing with the group of friends you regularly see on Friday nights, having a headache most certainly will not enhance your experience. Quite the opposite, it will decrease your work productivity, distort the azure color of the Mediterranean and make your friend’s bad habit of chewing loudly even more annoying. In short – headaches are no fun and everyone knows it. Sinus headaches are very often associated with other types of headaches. Sudden changes in weather or variations in barometric pressure can cause migraines, which are mistaken for sinus headaches. American Migraine Foundation suggests that “90% of the time self-diagnosed sinus headache is nearly always a migraine“, meaning, only 10% of the time people actually suffer from a sinus headache.”

If you still haven’t resolved your migraine troubles, maybe it’s time to start thinking about moving somewhere, which is why you should read an article on 10 Best Places to Live In US and Canada For Migraine Sufferers. However, if you are a sinus sufferer like myself and you decide to move, perhaps you should take into consideration the places on the list of 10 best places to live in the USA for sinus headaches.


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