10 Best Whiskey Countries in the World


Whiskey, the water of life as the name originally says. The name comes from Scotland, yes, and the drink as well. But many people during a long time in history have made alcohol similar or equal to whiskey, so it is not purely Scottish Celtic invention.

 Nowadays there are so many different types of whiskey since it is one of the favorite world-widely widespread drinks, and there are some regions of the world which are more famous than other for the production of whiskey. So, that is why in the USA for example, you will find bourbon (and on this matter you might be interested in Best Bourbon for the Money in 2018: 10 Best Bourbons under $50), while rye is characteristic for Canada and so on. On the other hand, many would agree that among the top 5 whiskeys in the world majority would come from Scotland, but that also depends on personal preferences.

Some distilleries throughout the world have mastered certain techniques which have made their products famous in the world of whiskey. Mastering distillation, maturation, perfect balance of grains, types of barrels and many other details make different whiskeys special and unique. And on that matter recognizable among whiskey lovers.

There are of course some countries that are dedicated more to production of quality whiskeys than others. Then there also comes the quantity and the market demand of certain whiskeys. Then there is also whiskey demand and consumption, which also takes into account the type and price of the most popular whiskey brand for example. There are actually many criteria that need to be fulfilled in order to single out certain countries that are better for whiskey than others.

In any case, out of fun or curiosity, you can check out the article by Insider Monkey on this matter – the 10 Best Whiskey Countries in the World.



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