10 Biggest Illegal Industries and Black Markets in The World

People want to earn money and they want it fast. That’s the way the world has always been functioning and nothing is changed nowadays. Black markets are flourishing and crime rates are increasing. A black market is characterized by non-compliant behavior with an institutional set of rules or in this case, production and distribution of goods prohibited by law. Anyone who engages in the production and distribution of these goods is a member of the illegal economy such as prostitution, drug trade, etc. There are entire industries that make money buying and selling illegal things and some of these industries generate more money that we can possibly imagine.

Human trafficking is one of these unfortunate industries that we are often unaware of. Many people are victims of modern slavery and yet somehow we remain blind to their pain and suffering and we don’t do enough to save them. I was interested in learning just how much big these black economies and industries are, and how much money they generate. I was shocked to read 10 Biggest Illegal Industries and Black Markets in The World but on the other hand, it opened my eyes. If you are curious too, I suggest you take a look at this article and realize how big these criminal industries are.


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