10 Countries Where Black Death Still Exists (We Aren’t Kidding)

What are the countries where black death still exists today? The Black Death or plague brought a slow and painful death leaving many cities half empty, hence the proper name for it. It swept through three continents in the 14th century killing about 75 million people.

Insider Monkey published an article which talks about the global impacts of plague that killed so many people in the past and which are greater than we can comprehend today. It was a terrible pandemic that spread so quickly that people were not able to remove the dead bodies fast enough. While large parts of cities and countries were left empty, worldwide trade declined during this period. Even wars in Europe were stopped for a while due to this devastating disease. People abandoned their farms and villages, and there was a labor shortage, therefore some laborers such as serfs could demand higher wages. Take a look at 10 countries where black death still exists.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Cases of bubonic plague are reported every year across the globe, especially in African countries and some parts of Latin America like Peru and Bolivia. Devastating epidemics have already killed so many people by now, as we discussed in our article about Biggest Epidemics in Human History, and they ought to not to be forgotten. Although it seems to be forgotten and long gone, the Black Death is still present despite the fact that world has advanced in everything since the 14th century. However, plague is treatable today if discovered on time, and unlike in the Middle Ages, it can be stopped.”

Head over to Insider Monkey and read the rest of the article there.


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