10 Countries with Most Inventions Per Capita in the World

When was the last time you stopped and thought about how many inventions you are surrounded with? Take your mobile phone, for example. Someone had the crazy idea about calling people without a wire. Indeed, some countries have those crazy ideas more than the others. Here are 10 countries with most inventions per capita in the world.

After writing about 10 countries that have invented the most things in all human history, Insider Monkey is again telling us about who has the most inventions in the world. Thanks to the most innovative countries, we are able to enjoy so many things that we take for granted nowadays. What are you reading this on? A laptop computer? Well, someone had to think of a way to reduce the personal computers to this handy size. Did you brush your teeth this morning using your special toothbrush? That also used to be a novelty. Or how about the toilet? Isn’t that the greatest invention of all times?

Jokes aside, some countries are lucky enough to have more creative and imaginative citizens than the others. Most of them are famous for being technologically advanced, but you’ll see there are a few surprises around the corner, too. After all, who would’ve thought a small European country has so many patents each year? What is interesting about the article is that you’ll finally see which countries are to “blame” for some genius inventions such as the hairdryer. Would you like to know where Wi-Fi was first made? Or GPS, for instance? Also, one of the countries is very much advanced when it comes to beauty products. Even better, there are videos of inventions that could be called extraordinary, or sometimes even weird.

Aren’t you feeling a bit curious now? Satisfy your curiosity by clicking on 10 countries with most inventions per capita in the world!


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