10 Countries With The Highest STD Rates in the Developed World

Remember when STDs were a huge deal? Everyone was afraid they’d gotten AIDS and were going to die soon since no treatment existed. And at the time, the fear was justified. However, when the rate of┬ápeople contracting AIDS started to fall, so did its importance. People even thought they could end AIDS like they did with measles. Unfortunately, AIDS and other STDs are here to stay.

You would think that the developed countries would have the knowledge and the resources to ensure that STDs don’t spread. But that requires the co-operation of the population which is something not many are able to accomplish. And it’s not impossible to prevent the spread of STDs. There are tons of methods which can be used like simply using protection, but people, especially the youth, believe they are invincible and this won’t happen to them.

I came across this article by Insider Monkey titled ‘10 countries with the highest STD rates in the developed world‘. You might be surprised by some of the countries which are present on this list; countries which you might have expected to have a grip on the spread of STDs. An excerpt from the article states ‘mong heterosexuals, the issue is not so significant, but the diseases are especially prevalent among men who have sex with men as well as bisexuals. These two categories make up the bulk of the cases, and attempts to deal with this problem have not been very successful, especially in recent times. To counter this, the governments in most countries are spreading awareness by convincing people to stay with one partner, or practice monogamy. However, as seen by the high rates of STDs still present, it is hard to convince people to be monogamous.’ Be sure to check out the article if this piques your interest!


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