10 Countries With The Highest Youth Suicide Rates In The World

While I have suffered from depression, I have still never hit the rock-bottom required to contemplate suicide as a realistic option thankfully. It is still quite impossible to fathom reaching a point where you decide that the only way to end this torture is to take your life. To anyone reading this who feels like this, know that we all care about you and there are ways to get help. Things will get better, I promise you.

Today’s world is competitive at an insane rate. Previously, a high school diploma would get you a good job with a decent salary and benefits, while a college degree would get you an incredible job. Today, a college degree gets you a job where you live paycheck to paycheck while sinking further into debt because the competition is so incredibly high. This is why it is no surprise that youth make up a large percentage of the total suicides committed in the world.

I recently came across an Insider Monkey article title ‘10 countries with the highest youth suicide rates in the world‘. The article not only mentions the countries, but addresses the reasons behind the high suicide rates in those countries as well. Further, the article talks about how important it is not to trivialize depression in this excerpt:

“Also, to label some reasons to be less important than others can be one of the factors which contributes to depression in first place. It  trivializes not only the reasons why they feel the way they do, but the person as well, who they are, what drives them and how they are being affected by their environment”. If you want to read a thoughtful and accurate article on suicide, give it a look!


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