10 Easiest Automatic Citizenships to Obtain by Marriage

“There are several ways for you to obtain a dual citizenship. You can acquire second citizenship through your parents, by making an investment in a county of which the citizenship you want, through your birthplace, through employment visa or residency, or by marrying a national of a particular country. The length of the naturalization process and its steps will vary depending on what country we are talking about. The same set of rules does not apply to all. Last time when we discussed citizenship we made a list of Countries Offering Citizenship To Indians. In this article we focus on naturalization through marriage and we provide a list of 10 easiest automatic citizenships to obtain by marriage.”

Perhaps the best illustration of how legislation differs greatly from one country to another is the list of 10 Easiest Automatic Citizenships to Obtain by Marriage. Check out the list and compare these countries’ legislation on citizenship through marriage to that of your own.


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