10 Easiest Mountains to Climb in USA

You love mountains, don’t you? The brisk, fresh air. The breath-taking views. But how many peaks have you conquered? If you still think that might be too difficult for you, don’t worry. Insider Monkey’s list of 10 easiest mountains to climb in USA should be a part of every  mountain climbing beginner’s guide!

It seems there is a bit of an explorer in each of us thinking about mountain climbing. A trail takes you places with magnificent views, lush nature and an occasional glimpse of a squirrel or a deer. Then there’s the pride you feel once you reach your destination after a tiring, but pleasant climb. Don’t worry about the equipment here. For most of these beauties, you’ll need nothing more than a pair of good walking boots, a stick, and some endurance. They’re just perfect for non technical mountain climbs. That means a climbing process is defined rather as hiking to the top.

As usual, there’s also some very interesting information here. You’ll find out which is the most crowded mountain in the world (any guesses?), and which is the least climbed mountain, too. No guesses for the second one, right? Everything will be clear to you once the names and places are revealed. By the way, lots of sites out there recommend and praise Mount Whitney as being the perfect one for amateur climbers, but Insider Monkey wouldn’t bet on it. Check out why.

The mountains chosen shouldn’t be too demanding if you pick the right trail (yes, sometimes it all depends on the trail chosen). So, why don’t you go ahead and start reading and analyzing them? There are also various terrains, and different beauties of nature to enjoy. Get your backpack ready and take a good look at  10 easiest mountains to climb in USA!


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