10 Energy Drinks with the Most Sugar Sold in America

We all know sugar equals energy, but do you really need that much?

After a tiring day at work, or before heading the gym, sometimes we all need a little push and decide to take several gulps of our favorite energy drink. So sweet, so refreshing! But did you know how much sugar you will be taking? Insider Monkey’s article on 10 Energy Drinks with the Most Sugar Sold in America is giving you the latest information on the sweetest energy drinks sold in the US.

Water is probably the best option to quench your thirst (no artificial materials, no added substances, no calories), but if you need to get going fast, energy drinks come in handy for today’s hectic lifestyle. The most sugary energy drink in the world will do wonders for your concentration, and you’ll feel invigorated in no time. As for your health, we can’t really vouch for it. According to a 2015 research a daily intake of one can (250 ml) of an energy drink is safe for most healthy adolescents, while excessive consumption of it with alcohol can have serious side effects, including death.

So why don’t you check which soda has the least amount of sugar, or which energy drink is an absolute favorite among US troops ? Read on at 10 Energy Drinks with the Most Sugar Sold in America!


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