10 Fascinating Examples of Genetically Modified Animals

Rest assured that 10 Fascinating Examples of Genetically Modified Animals is one jaw-dropping list!

Let’s make some matters clear from the beginning. We’re not talking about Dolly here. After all, not only is that old news, but cloning animals and genetically modifying them are two completely different things. You will also find out why people decided to perform genetic experiments on animals in the first place.

Insider Monkey’s list will prove to be one gripping read. The animals chosen are certainly something special, and for different reasons. Some made it to the list because of their fascinating looks. Some are simply odd, perhaps even weird, while others are absolutely wonderful! Talking about looks, there is one more myth to be broken here. Remember the featherless chicken species? You must have seen shocking images of bright pink hens and roosters. If you thought they were genetically modified, you were wrong! They are not modified breeds, according to their creator.

But not everything is about the looks in life, is it? What if we told you scientists have been changing mouse milk. Can you guess why? There are environmentally friendly cows and pigs. Believe it or not, but people aren’t the only beings on this planet being criticized for extreme greenhouse gas production. Perhaps you have already heard something of silk spinning goats. No, they don’t actually spin any silk. They produce it. Would you ever dream of mixing spiders and goats? Believe it or not, but they’re an absolute hit among scientists! Check out how they were modified, and, most importantly, why? Let us tell you one thing: you won’t be wearing any goat silk dresses for sure.

We believe this was enough to catch your attention.  So, are you ready to raise your eyebrows? Prepare to be wowed with Insider Monkey’s list of fascinating examples of genetically modified animals!


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