10 Most Annoying Questions to Ask Your Friends

If you ever felt verbally abused by a friend, but you were not exactly sure why you felt that way, then you might have been answering one of these questions, which are always, ALWAYS uncomfortable to answer. Every darn time.

There is no need to be litteral when saying something to annoy or insult someone, the key is insinuation, and that is why questions are better than statements for this. Formulating a mean declaration in the form of a question automatically washes your hand of all the intended evil and makes an insult look like an accident.

There are two kinds of annoying questions: the ones that may carry no bad intentions and just be the result of plain lack of tact and a terrible choice of words; and those that sound completely innocent, but are actually super mean. These passive-aggressive surveys seem harmless in appearance, but always end up, rubbing you the wrong way, and for a good reason: it’s not the inquiry itself that’s nasty, but what it implies.

The thing about annoying questions is that they always put you on the spot, so your mind goes on strike, and finding a “dignified” answer suddenly becomes a titanic endeavor. But since I have always sided with the downtrodden, I shall provide you with clever answers to the 10 most annoying questions to ask your friends, so fear not!


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