10 Most Annoying YouTube Videos Ever

As many of you must have realized by now, video culture is really addictive. Youtube, especially, is a really, really tough habit to quit.
Those of us who grew up alongside virtual technology have lost countless hours of sleep to our computer screens. When we’re not watching (or even re-watching) shows and movies, we watch super dull videos that will not help us in any way, inform us, or bring any kind of benefit. We like to gulp down big buckets of worthless imagery until our eyes hurt, and it’s not even that enjoyable. In fact, sometimes we even dedicate valuable time to watch things that will violently annoy us, just to see how much we can take.
I’m not certain what it is that draws us humans to consume needless visuals that will utterly irritate us, but it seems to be something of a masochist addiction. Probably every YouTube user has at one time or another willfully subjected him or herself to one of these abominations; it must have something to do with death drive, or better said: brain death drive. A case and point would be this ranking.
There’s probably not a single person in the world that could safely sit through the full length of our list of 10 most annoying YouTube videos ever and live to –sanely- tell the tale. I sure as hell couldn’t do it; I’d rather get fired than play a 10 hour Nyan Cat video, so come on, I dare you.


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