10 Most Competitive Medical Fellowships in America

Hopefully, Match Day will be your lucky day after you finish reading the list of 10 most competitive medical fellowships in America!

Insider Monkey’s article will prove to be really valuable to all those students who are thinking about internships and fellowships, too. After all, even when you are choosing your internship, you already have a fellowship in mind, don’t you? Hardly does one transfer from dermatology to cardio surgery, doesn’t he? The article will give you answers to questions such as: What fellowships are available after internal medicine? How many years is nephrology fellowship? What are internal medicine fellowships salaries? and many others which may be of interest to you. Also, they sometimes included into very useful information on how much the earnings have increased compared to the previous year. It’s always good to follow the trends, isn’t it?

Talking about salaries and earnings, you will see which salary would be ideal to have if you wish to have the best lifestyle during your internship. The income level is also one of the criteria used for compiling this list of most difficult medical fellowships to get into. Insider Monkey combined two factors. First, they checked which fellowships are the most wanted, and then ranged them according to their income. The income would be the one you could be earning when you finish your training.

In addition to that, in case you have just started med school, but you are already weighing your options, we are telling you how many years you’ll have to invest into the opportunity of your choice (both internship and fellowship).

To summarize, 10 most competitive medical fellowships in America is an absolute must read if you are studying medicine. Of course we all have our inclinations and certain medical fields in mind, but it’s always good to be prepared and check all the options out there.


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