10 Most Evil Scariest Names for Male and Female Babies

There’s a large amount of ways a name can be traumatizing, especially for a little child, but it seems that sometimes parents can be fully oblivious to this. At least that’s what I rather think, because the thought that this atrocious denominations are intentional is fully terrifying.

Names are often a reflection of the parent’s state of mind and/or ideology; you have no idea how many people named Hitler there are, and many of them are named “Adolf”, too! There’s even a documentary film on the matter titled “Meet the Hitlers”. Bearing this in mind, I believe what makes a name evil or scary is that it immediately makes you ask yourself: “Who the HELL are these parents?!”

Many are the ways an evil name can be fashioned. By means of example, it could be a “bad word”, a pun, or even worse, gramatically incorrect (yikes!). A name can also be cruel by clashing with the last name in a funny way, meaning something ludicros in a different language, making reference to an evil personality… Or it could just be “Neveah”, which is just THE WORST.

Now, of course, one can outgrow one’s name and become their own person, but there is no denying that carrying such significant label ALWAYS takes a toll. That, however, won’t stop the parents, because the list of atrocious names is so long it would take me years to factor all of them in; I had to cut it short, although it wasn’t easy. So, step right up and take a look at our 10 most evil, scariest names for male and female babies!


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