10 Most Profitable Coins and Cryptocurrencies to Mine in 2018

Cryptocurrencies and minable coins are becoming more popular nowadays. That is also shown by a fact that many countries and companies are accepting this method of payment and the list is getting bigger each day now.

Bitcoin, as the strongest of them dictates the value of other coins and cryptocurrencies:

Why searching for the most profitable coins and cryptocurrencies to mine when we have Bitcoin? Well, because mining Bitcoin is becoming more and more difficult since it has become so popular among the cryptocurrencies. So, today Bitcoin mining enterprises are being developed by Samsung, for example. Then there is BitCap, a Chicago based cryptocurrency mining company that has been on for 4 years already. Also, it is worth mentioning that a Slovenian mining company NiceHash was recently robbed for more than $60 million worth Bitcoin. So after the money was stolen, NiceHash stopped working with the announcement of the fast comeback. Nevertheless, during that short period, the value of money that was stolen had risen to around $77 million, since Bitcoin’s price had inclined for about 25%!

So, when it comes to cryptocurrency mining, which are those most profitable ones? Since they all depend on Bitcoin as noted above, they will all depend on its fluctuations, yes. But there are new coins and cryptocurrencies being introduced or improved, whose value rises or falls inside the framework of crytocurrency trends, which are also the matter of constant change.

If you are interested in coin mining, or you are already in the “business”, you should first decide what type of mining is the most profitable for you. That means deciding on the choice of mining: CPU, GPU or more expensive choice of some of ASICs. Well, whichever you chose it is good to know which are the most profitable coins and cryptocurrencies at the moment. Since the year has just begun, there is an overview of these that you can find on the Insider Monkey’s article 10 Most Profitable Coins and Cryptocurrencies to Mine in 2018.



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