10 Professions with Highest Rate of Domestic Violence

Who not to marry,or what jobs to avoid to remain safe and sound – perhaps you could put it this way. Jokes aside, 10 professions with highest rate of domestic violence is one serious article dealing with the topic that is widely avoided.

Let us first inform you Insider Monkey  isn’t going to bore you with the typical domestic violence facts you already know. There have been a lot of studies and research on the topic, but there is hardly any reliable research about which occupations are the riskiest when it comes to abuse within one’s home. Surely, there are plenty of articles that deal with the topic of how conditions at home affect your working performance. However, the number of those tackling the connection between domestic violence and professions is minimal. The data is usually too vague, and everybody is avoiding to publicly pinpoint what kind of jobs are victims or abusers most likely to have.

Based on thorough research (for which there is a lengthy explanation given), a list was made of the most common occupations when it comes to domestic violence. By the way, this isn’t just about the abusers – there are a couple of jobs typical for victims, too. For this reason the professions aren’t ranked from the most to the least potentially dangerous, but they are given in the random order. Also, the victims observed are female simply due to the fact that the number of reported cases in which the victim is male is rather low. That points out to the problem in today’s society in which men feel ashamed to report abusive behavior and violence at home.

Therefore, if you wish to read  10 professions with highest rate of domestic violenceget ready to read about some professional sports, dangerous occupations and last but not the least, occupations so mundane you’ve never thought they belong to the critical category.


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