10 States with the Highest Teenage Pregnancy Rates in America

“Teenagers rarely think about the responsibilities that come with indulging in sexual relations but only see it through the prism of the satisfaction of their body needs. The responsibility is threefold: using contraception, raising the child or experiencing the burden and the consequences of abortion. What I wish was that the issue of teen pregnancy was approached more seriously, having in mind its grave consequences. It is beyond any rational thinking that the media tries to present it as a way of life to be pursued by teens. Who would have thought that Teen Mom would go on to have so many seasons? It aggravates me to think about all the money that went into making this show instead of into something that would actually benefit society, in this particular case, sex education and promotion of birth control.”

Once again I have decided to trigger all the hypersensitive people out there by writing about a sensitive matter. This time, I dived deep in the subject matter of teenage pregnancy. To be more precise, I rankedĀ 10 states with the highest teenage pregnancy rates in America. Despite the fact that the pregnancy rates in the United States have significantly decreased since 1950s, they remain a serious issue that demands an even more serious approach. The United States is ranked 1st in the world, having the highest teenage pregnancy rate. It is followed by the United Kingdom and New Zealand. This is definitely not the rank the US government should exercise pride in. As the statistical data provided by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy indicate, there is a decreasing tendency when it comes to the teenage pregnancy rates in the countries which have made Insider Monkey’s list. While this is undoubtedly some good news, there is still room for improvement. Maybe the authorities should start by reconsidering the programs of sexual reproductive health as these have a significant impact on teenage birth rates. Check out the article to know more.


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