10 Worst Countries in Europe for Human Trafficking

“Human trafficking epitomizes one of the most serious human rights abuses. Depriving someone of their freedom and subjugating them to the will of others is a way to dehumanize individuals. The issue of human trafficking has become something of a global aberration. So many countries try to invent mechanisms and instruments to eradicate human trafficking, yet so few of them succeed in it. It is challenging to keep track of these underground activities when there is so much going on. Not that long ago I wrote about top 15 cities with highest human trafficking in the world, where I established that Bangkok, Kabul, and Havana are top three worst human trafficking cities in the world. This time, however, I am intent on researching and writing about the worst countries in Europe for human trafficking.”

The issue of human trafficking has always been present, however, it is only in the past couple of decades that we have become fully aware of its harms. Data shows that only in 2016 there were 20.9 million human trafficking victims worldwide. In this context, the highest number of human trafficking victims was noted in the countries of Asia-Pacific region. It is definitely a red alarm for these countries to devise new policies that would effectively solve the issue. While it might not seem so to many, European countries are also susceptible to human trafficking activities taking place on their grounds. The UN report on human trafficking and the report on human trafficking published by the US Department of state portray the cases of human trafficking worldwide, while also illustrating how states are working on eradicating it. This was the primary source of data when drafting the list of 10 worst countries in Europe for human trafficking. The data used portrays the situation with regards to human trafficking in 2016 and 2017. The article is definitely worth reading.


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