10 Gayest States in America in 2018

Which are the gayest and most gay friendly states in America? Some of the well-known metropolitan cities in the world such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco have the title of being gay-friendly and opened towards gay population.

But how did gay population get the status of equality it deserves? That was not an easy process, but the second half of 20th century made a great progress towards gay rights and incorporation of LGBT community in society. Some of the first successful but not peaceful events that took place in New York was the even known as Stonewall Riots during the 60s:

The awareness of social integration and acceptance of LGBT community has been a hot topic and a taboo as well since the 50s and 60s, following the global socio-political movements concerning human rights – hippie movement, anti-Vietnam War movement, etc. After that, around 70s and onwards, many states have repealed the criminalization of same-sex sexual activities, which lead to opening new opportunities for incorporating LGBT community in society and accepting homosexuality as a part of a normal life. So, as the time went on gays were given more and more rights, including adoption, healthcare, and all the rights that heterosexual couples and individuals have. The question of same-sex marriage though is still somewhat a tough subject it seems, though it has been legalized in all states in recent years. Most of the states have legalized same-sex marriage only in the recent decade.

As we have noted earlier, gay population nowadays has the same rights as heterosexual part of the population, together with legalized marriage and adoption. And if you want to know which are those most opened, liberal states where being gay is the easiest in America, go to the Insider Monkey’s article 10 Gayest States in America in 2018.


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