11 Best Alcohol to Drink on a Low Carb Diet

Are you on a low carb diet right now? Then you are probably struggling with giving up so many foods you like that you deserve a treat. Most of the things we like to eat are not very healthy for us and contain a lot of carbs and/or sugar. It’s difficult and frustrating to have to give up all that just so that we can fit into certain clothes. It’s a real struggle.

Alcoholic drinks tend to be full of sugar which we should have in limited amount really. That means we need to cut back on alcohol too. Or do we? Actually,¬† with alcohol, you don’t have to give up so much because luckily, certain strong drinks are very low-carb so you don’t have to worry about your waistline. Of course, you would have t avoid certain cocktails that are filled with sugar and carbs but let’s not complain because we still get to have a few drinks which won’t make us gain weight.¬†There are several alternatives which will allow us to have a few drinks while maintaining our perfect weight or at least, not gaining more weight. The best alcohol to drink on a low carb diet is low carb alcoholic drinks such as rum. If you want to learn more, check out this great article 11 Best Alcohol to Drink on a Low Carb Diet that opened my eyes.


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