11 Best Mountains to Climb in the World

Climbing is one of these things that you might start doing just from curiosity and then you just find yourself thinking of it as one of the most inspirational and important things in your life. And no matter how much you train and research there is never ending in exploring new techniques and new locations as well.

The world is full of amazing natural landmarks and amazing places waiting to be explored. And even if you have gone or climbed a certain mountain, rock, or whatever, with each new comeback it is always a different place which opens new views and thoughts – it is never the same but it is always priceless experience and inspiration for new adventures.

But, now, what do we mean when we say climbing?

 It depends whom you ask. There are things like mountaineering, sport climbing, traditional climbing, bouldering, ice climbing, hill walking, scrambling just to name some. And since each of these is a science for itself, we will not go through any of them particularly, we will just say that all these divisions are prone to constant changes, inventions and development (both on matter of technique or equipment), and they inevitably overlap.

So, as the choice of climbing style method and purpose is the matter of individual preferences, that is also the case with places in nature you would like to explore and see. Concerning climbing in general the primary destinations are mountains of course, so if you are not sure which of the world’s peaks and massifs you should explore first, you can take a look at some nice suggestions concerning the best mountains you can climb in the world, published by Insider Monkey. There you will find a decent choice of both summer and winter climbs on mountains all over the globe, so there would defifinitively be something for everybody’s taste there.



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