11 Best Places to Live in Europe in 2018

There’s no place like European home. Oh, the culture, the history, the diversity…Doesn’t it sound perfect? Imagine what living would be like in one of 11 best places to live in Europe in 2018!

Oh, dare to disagree? Have an exotic country on your mind? Well, that’s all nice and neat, but such countries are usually quite low on the life standard index lists, and they have poor health and safety ranking. On the other hand, there’s Europe! It’s a matter of pride for people from other continents to say they’ve been here. “I’ve been to Europe,” or “I did some traveling around Europe” are statements everyone will be envious of. If you even decide to live in one, there’s a general opinion you’re living your life to the fullest. Europe is a synonym for organization, order and rich history. Basically, Europe is one big sightseeing continent.

Insider Monkey is giving you insight into European’s best cities to live, i.e. places with the highest life standard. Mostly these are capitals and university centers, so there is something for everyone. These cities are great for families, and youth in their twenties who are looking for a good time. Amazing, but it’s true. What is more, they’re practically the expat’s heaven! For one reason or the other, American expats simply adore their new homes. have you got any qualms about your host’s level of English? Once again, don’t worry. You won’t have to bother much to explain where you wish to go, or ask about the latest events.

Finally, the article offers some great facts about each of them. Find out what are the people like there, in which country you “have a right to experience nature” and who goes shopping in the “gutter”.

So, are you ready? Let’s go on a trip around 11 best places to live in Europe in 2018!



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