11 Biggest Hypocrites in American Politics

Go ahead, admit it. If you dare. Who was your first guess once you read the title? Maybe he or she has found his/her place in Insider Monkey’s list of 11 biggest hypocrites in American politics!

After all,politicians are only humans. Rich humans. Humans responsible for your own well-being. So when we see lies coming out of their mouth, it’s completely natural to feel furious! Political hypocrisy definition would probably go something like this: “a politician’s feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; behavior that contradicts what a politician claims to believe or feel” (based on Merriam-Webster’s definition). The reason why so many people rage about political hypocrites is that they have a huge impact on our lives. If you choose wrongly, you have to put up with that leader for his or her whole mandate. Fortunately, there are some examples in Insider Monkey’s list in which the discrepancy between public and personal opinion was so great that the person had to resign and retreat from politics. Unfortunately, there are a lot more of others whose sudden changes in attitudes didn’t cause any turbulence in their political life.

Even though everyone around you is saying “all politicians are hypocrites”, you’d be surprised how little evidence online there is about it. Luckily, Insider Monkey found it for you. As for the reasons, let’s just say you’ll read about people who are pro life in public, but advised their lovers to have abortion. Also, a politician’s opinion on attacking countries in Middle East tends to change according to when he reaches power.

We can’t promise you won’t feel annoyed by reading about 11 biggest hypocrites in American politics, but you can try. There will be lots of shaking your head, and perhaps even cursing. See for yourself.


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