11 Countries with the Worst Justice System in the World

The whole world is striving to create a society where justice will be served, regardless of who you are. As the civilization advanced more and more, people gave up on “eye for an eye” approach to breaking the law and faith was put in the justice system. Unfortunately, corruption is everpresent in the justice system of many countries around the world. If you wish to live in a society with the best justice system in the world, some of the best choices include Scandinavian countries. According to the Rule of Law index, top five countries in 2016 were Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Netherlands. On the other hand, a lot of countries with the worst justice systems are located in Africa and Asia. It is interesting that the U.S. takes 18th place in the world ranking list below Australia, Canada, UK and even China.

I came across an interesting article on 11 countries with the worst justice system in the world published on Insider Monkey website. This article deals with countries that are at the bottom of the world ranking list when it comes to justice systems in the world. Majority of them are located in the lower tercile according to all eight factors which were included in the research: constraints on government powers, open government, order and security, civil justice, the absence of corruption, fundamental rights, regulatory enforcement and criminal justice. Countries are grouped with other countries that are geographically and economically similar. Countries with the overall low ranking are often lowest ranked within their specific group as well. Unfortunately, the majority (if not all) worst justice systems in the world are located in developing countries and people living there can do very little to improve the situation. Corruption is reaching endemic levels in some countries and it permeates all levels of the justice system.  Consequently, crime rates are growing and perpetrators often do not get punished. It seems like an endless circle of violence and injustice. 


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