11 Countries with the Worst Labor Laws, Working Conditions in the World

“The human rights violations of workers perfectly illustrate social class differences generated by capitalism, where those who are at the bottom of the social pyramid are subjected to abuse and dehumanization. More often than not the stories of workers’ human rights abuses remain untold, which testifies even more to the marginalization experienced by workers. I guess it is the very silence on the issue that speaks the loudest. Not that long ago, the story of unpaid Zara workers went viral. It was yet another controversy associated with the retailer. Zara clothing that was on sale had hidden notes in it, which discussed unsafe working conditions, unfair working hours and unfair pay. One of the items read, “I made this item you are going to buy, but I didn’t get paid for it.””

How the respect for human rights and dignity differs throughout the world is perhaps best reflected in labor laws and working conditions worldwide. While many of us can start our working day sitting in a comfortable chair, with a gratifying thought that our work will be valued at the end of the month, many are not that fortunate. Apart from working in the conditions which are devaluing the worth of human being, they are paid minimum, and sometimes not even that. The introduction to Insider Monkey’s article on 11 countries with the worst labor laws, working conditions in the world dwells on precisely these issues. The article provides the ranking of 11 countries with the worst respect for labor laws by referring to the data contained in the last five reports published by the International Trade Union Confederation. Most of the countries on the list offer no guarantee of rights and there are systematic violations of rights taking place. They are the last place to look for a job. Do you think your country has made it to the top 11?


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