11 Easiest and Cheapest Kit Cars to Build

Have you ever wondered whatever happened to kit cars? It was a popular hobby some 20 years ago especially in Britain, but what is the situation now? It hasn’t died out certainly, although it is of somewhat narrower scope. Probably one of the reasons for this is the kit car prices.

Even though you can buy a lot of finished kit cars, both old and new, it is always fun thing to make one of your own. You can do that by deciding and finding parts on your own, which is probably the cheapest choice but demands a certain amount of knowledge of mechanics and other things necessary to build a proper working car.

Nevertheless, of course majority will decide to buy parts from kit car producers with all the manuals and stuff. There are several top kit car producing companies nowadays which sell both finished cars and kits for building kit cars.

If you are into this kit car thing, you probably already know about Factory Five kit cars. Factory Five is a US company that produces kit cars and has been on for more than 20 years. They produce some of the classy and fancy models, that really look amazing, old school and steampunk(ish), such as Roadster, Hot Rod or Hot Rod Truck, for example. But, Factory Five kit cars are also not among the cheapest of course, but it also depends what you choose. Roadster, for example, is among the cheapest Factory Five kit cars and is $12,990 which is not that high actually.

Ad we have said, this is not a cheap hobby. But apart from Factory Five kit cars there are also other opportunities for building your own kit car. So, if you are interested in building your own, we recommend you to go through the list of 11 Easiest and Cheapest Kit Cars to Build.


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