11 Easiest Karaoke Songs in Spanish For Beginners

Karaoke is a fun, relaxed activity that people enjoy among friends, with a drink in hand more often than not, so making a fool of yourself is not a terrible thing. It is, however, an amazing feeling to absolutely knock it out of the park, which is fairly easy to do when the song is in your own language and you already know the words. But, if you really want to deliver a jaw-dropping performance that will crown you the biggest, meanest king or queen or Karaoke, then you should consider singing something in spanish. There is nothing cooler. The problem, however is that, if you’re planning to attempt such a thing, it can’t just be “ok”; it needs to be amazing.
It should be pointed out –even though it’s pretty obvious- is that having even the most basic knowledge of Spanish will go a long way in this endeavor. Most people can handle easy things like “Hola”, “¿Cuánto cuesta?”, and “Hijo de p*ta” (that’s “hello”, “How much?” and “Son of a b*tch”; you’re probably going to use them in that order), but that’s playing on “easy” mode. The issue with Karaoke is that you’re supposed to read the lyrics while you’re singing, and as you’re probably aware, Spanish and English grammar and pronunciation are very different, so practice is key. In order to give you a little hand with that, here are the 11 easiest karaoke songs in spanish for beginners.


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