11 Most Difficult Mountains to Climb in US

Hm, so you think you’ve got what it takes to climb one of 11 most difficult mountains to climb in US? Maybe you’ll have to think again after reading Insider Monkey’s article. Because some of them are a real death trap! What else would you call a mountain where 400 people ended their lives?

Unless someone possesses the natural admiration and love for mountain terrains, it can be very hard to explain to the others your hobby. Why would anyone spend hours or days just to climb on top of a rock and take a few photos? Hours of toil for a 5-minute pleasure? Surely you can’t stay there for hours, can you? Not that it’s a very pleasant stay either – usually the winds are blowing and freezing you to the bone (or death). Still, it is the feeling and adrenaline that push you forward. Perhaps not everyone will understand why you indulge yourself so much in the stunning view, but the majority could grasp your sense of the danger. The thrill, the excitement you feel while overcoming all kinds of obstacles. Because these mountains are no piece of cake, despite the frosting on the top.

So what else are you going to find out here? How about which is the least climbed mountain in the world? No, they aren’t talking about the one in Bhutan. Or the hardest one to climb in the whole world? Any guesses? You’re probably right for the latter. Then, there’s elevation gain for each mountain from the list, as well as some interesting facts about them. Some have incredible gusts and gales, while another one is perfect for stargazing. Videos are included in the text to grasp the full picture.

Whether you’er going for it or not,  11 most difficult mountains to climb in US are very impressive to look at and read about, so you’d better check them out now and see for yourself.


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