11 Most Expensive Bike Brands in the World

What’s the price of a bike made of pure gold? When was the first bicycle invented? Which famous car brand made a bike for themselves? You’ll find the answers to these in Insider Monkey’s 11 most expensive bike brands in the world.

As opposed to driving cars, cycling does no harm to the environment and does wonders for our body. Knowledgeable riders have their favorites, and some of them are probably on this list. Nowadays it’s impossible not to find a bike that is just perfect for you. Great production implies great and fierce competition, too. The companies are stuck in the never-ending race of trying to manufacture the most expensive bicycle in the world, the fastest bike in the world or the lightest.

The presented brands offer whatever it is that you need. You’ll see high quality, incredible materials, luxury, even a bit of glamour. Before your next ride, take a look at 11 most expensive bike brands in the world.


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