11 Most Expensive Bra Brands in the World

When we say most expensive bra brands in the world, you can’t help thinking of Victoria’s Secret and their fantasy bras, right?

High End bras are a type of merchandise that is very much in demand. Why is this piece of lingerie so important, you may wonder? Well, firstly, we all need some sort of support in our lives, don’t we? If you’re a woman, emotional support is always being emphasized as the most valuable, but let’s face it. Ladies, can you imagine your life without the support a bra provides? Hardly. Therefore, it is no surprise this industry is attracting so much attention and women enjoy going shopping for the most beautiful bra. A perfect bra should be a perfect union of comfort, beauty, and price. It is hard to find, but the listed manufacturers do endeavor, and are making amazing profits in the meantime.

The article will give you the exact figure of the most expensive bra the brand has produced, along with some interesting details on the brand (how it all started, or whose products are handcrafted etc.). You’ve probably heard of some decorated with platinum and diamonds, but do you know how much exactly it is? Is it worth buying? It’s up to you to decide after reading about 11 most expensive bra brands in the world.


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