11 Most Popular Fashion Magazines in the World

At first glance, the 11 most popular fashion magazines in the world may seem like a trivial topic, but let’s not forget the fashion industry dictates a large portion of the behavioral norms we abide by. Fashion magazines have a monumental influence on our daily lives, whether we like it or not, and even though it’s just easier to label fashion as “stupid” and move on to the next thing on the agenda, we need to gain awareness of the fact that it controls us. Fashion is an institution, and as such, it has a rulebook: fashion magazines.

A very large portion of the world follows these laws. Mags tell people how to act, what to wear, what their bodies should look like, how their relationships should be, what they should eat, how to raise their children, how much money they should make, and most of all: what they should buy with it. If these rules are not followed, social punishment will befall.

Yet, every magazine is different, oriented to a specific kind of readers -norms are no the same for everyone, every niche has a very specifically designed set of guidelines determined by -and for- that precise enviroment. That is why there are so many options to pick from, so you can buy the ilusion of individualiy in the act of picking which precise pack of guidelines you will voluntarily abide by.

There’s nothing TOO wrong with enjoying fashion mags, I myself love them guiltily. It’s just a matter of being aware of the amount of cap you are putting into your system. It’s the same with fast food, I know it’s not nurturing, and in fact it’s a big fat lie, but… Yes, I’d like the large combo, please.


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