11 Most Profitable Food Items Sold in America in 2018

Feeling hungry? Thinking you could have a bite? Well, this list is only going to get you craving for some delicious meals because they are what Americans will be eating this year. Here are Insider Monkey’s 11 most profitable food items sold in America in 2018!

As you have already noticed, health and wellness have become quite trendy. Wherever you go, there’s an advertisement or two about the health benefits of certain food. Manufacturers believe the key to success is labeling food with “zero sugar”, “fat-free”, “low in oil”, “gluten-free” and so on. Actually, that has nothing to do with our freedoms as consumers. Those “free” labels are only trying to limit our shopping habits into opting for a product that is, let’s say, low-fat. We’re constantly being programmed to fill our shopping cart with this restricted food (which is in contrast very rich in preservatives). But is that really working? No, not really.

The way Insider interpreted the results is very interesting. The whole research was primarily based on all those things restaurants are charging you with. Remember those times when you thought to yourself: “Am I actually going to pay this much? I could’ve made it at home for much less!”. Well, this article is about it. Also, it isn’t misled by the contemporary food trends since they definitely aren’t going to catch on across the whole state. Do you really see an average American citizen eating healthily the whole year? Also, despite the vegetarianism becoming more and more popular, if you take a look at the big picture, the situation is quite the opposite, and the data clearly shows it.

So, if you wish to know what meat is most often on an American plate, and how restaurant owners get the most out of their customers, read Insider Monkey’s 11 most profitable food items sold in America in 2018!


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