11 Worst States For Human Trafficking In America

When you think about human trafficking, you tend to think about third world countries, who are not yet quite developed enough to adhere to progressive values and condemn acts as vile as human trafficking. However, the truth is never quite as simple as it seems. I recently came across the article ‘11 worst states for human trafficking in America‘ by Insider Monkey and was astounded to learn its significant presence in what is supposed to be the Land of Freedom.

The article points out the states which have shown little to no attempts to eradicate the curse of human slavery, to the point that there are tens of thousands of victims and it is actually a very lucrative billion dollar industry. The article further points that these vile criminals actually target underage children to further their agenda. The article explains it best perhaps when it says ‘Furthermore, as if the horrors of having to face such experiences aren’t enough to completely scar the victim for life, our society generally treats the victims as criminals, which further leads to many victims refusing to identify themselves as such. This is one of the primary problems that needs to be dealt with in order to convince more victims to come forward, which for me is the first step to getting rid of this problem.’ Our habit of treating the victims as criminals is perhaps a sign that we are not as advanced as we like to think we are. Anyways, if you want to learn more about human trafficking in the US, be sure to check this article out!


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