12 Award Winning Science Projects for 10th Graders

Are you out of some good ideas for science fair projects for high school? Do you have huge ambitions and need a project that will win on the science fair? Well, project idea is one thing, but the effort and making it real depends highly on you.

Before thinking of starting a science project for science fair there are several things that everyone should have in mind before the work has started.

…the first thing is, of course, choosing your field of interest, whether it is any particular field of biology, physics, earth sciences or whatever else. For a winning science project, you should also pay attention to current hot topics in science (if, you are not a genius which can think of something revolutionary, which is not impossible either). Such topics include environmental issues, health issues, resolving problems of pollution, food, but also some things that would make everyday life easier. Now when you have gotten your topic the first thing you should think about is making of a hypothesis: why you are doing this particular thing, why is it important, in which way does it help the science? A good and cogent hypothesis actually helps a lot; both with making your task clear to yourself and making it interesting and clear to the audience.

Good hypothesis is probably half of the work done. But after constructing the hypothesis there comes fun part – experimentation and analysis. Whatever your topic is, conducting a good experiment and documenting it will give your project a true scientific note and if you document it well, you will have one neat presentation of your work. So, sit down now and think carefully which would be the field of interest for your future science project. When you get the broad idea what might interest you the most, then you can pick some of the ideas from 12 Award Winning Science Projects for 10th Graders.


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