12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in January

After the whole hustle and bustle in December due to holidays, end of year reports and gift-giving (and shopping!), how about a nice and sunny vacation somewhere in 12 best places to visit in Central and South America in January? Sounds perfect!

Christmas and New Year — these are absolute most favorite and joyful holidays all over the world.  The lights are shining brightly, and here and there you see a Santa climbing people’s balconies (not the real one, of course). And the shopping! Gift giving is the inevitable part of the celebrations. As the holidays are getting nearer, people are becoming more nervous and running around in a frenzy, looking for the perfect gift (original, most appropriate and most affordable, if possible). At work, the situation isn’t much better either. Managers are anxious about the yearly reports they have to hand in, while the workers are impatiently waiting for their Christmas bonuses. To summarize, December is one stressful month with carols echoing wherever you go. Once the holidays actually arrive, they don’t bring the expected pure joy.  As much as we love our dearest, once the holidays are officially over, it is no wonder you feel drained both emotionally and physically.

After you have spent more than you had originally planned, you probably think there is no chance you could afford a vacation (though you’re in desperate need of one). Actually, Insider Monkey’s holidays are the cheapest ones on offer, so you don’t have to worry about money (finally). Of course, all the destinations have great weather in this time of year (nice, warm and sunny). What is more, the places offer various types of entertainment: sightseeing, swimming, or active holidays.

To sum up, now would be a good time to book a holiday in one of 12 best places to visit in Central and South America in January, before you get caught up in the holiday madness and spend more than you planned. Priorities. Get a present for yourself this year. Go get a holiday!


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