12 Best Quality Most Expensive Professional Digital Cameras

Photography is a very expensive hobby and once you buy your first DSLR (mid-range or professional) it is very likely that you will feel the desire to upgrade very soon. It all starts with: “Oh, I want some cool pictures with a blurry background” or “I want good quality pictures that will look nice once I print them out”. You will probably end up buying a decent camera but your standards will constantly rise. Getting a decent camera body is important but most professional photographers will advise you to invest in lenses. Of course, that means that you have to choose a specific brand and then upgrade your gear accordingly. If you are planning to buy your first DSLR, take some advice from Insider Monkey’s article about 6 easiest DSLR cameras to use for beginners.

While camera gear is generally expensive, some of the newest models will leave you breathless after you view their specifications and price. List of 12 best quality most expensive professional digital cameras will tell you which cameras are reserved for those with a very deep pocket. Prices range from $3,449 to $48,990 but the equipment you get is a dream come true of every photographer. Some of the Canon, Nikon and Pentax models from this list are favorite choice of  professional photographers because the price is “reasonable” for the quality they get. The most expensive cameras are panoramic cameras which create amazing photographs but are also reserved only for those who can make a good profit out of it or those who are ready to invest a lot of money in their hobby.


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