12 Countries That Consume the Most Chocolate in the World in 2018

Mmmm, that sweet pleasure…And it’s said to be healthy in the recent years, right? At least the dark one. Whether it’s dark, milk, or white – people from these countries don’t care too much about the type. Read about the 12 countries that consume the most chocolate in the world in 2018 and see which nation has a sweet tooth!

Today even the smallest store in the world has some kind of a chocolate product. That’s just how essential it has become in our lives, isn’t it? A long time ago it was only a drink thought to be enjoyed by gods themselves. Thankfully, today everyone can relish a chocolate bar whenever they want.

However, chocolate’s popularity can’t be attributed only to its delicious taste. In today’s consumer society, it must be noted that people are encouraged to eat more sugar and chocolate bars than ever. Successful, funny advertisements do their trick, and women are also lead to think it must be chocolate they’re craving once a month. We are all eating much more sugar than we’re supposed to, and chocolate bars are so convenient. How could something so small have so many calories? Well, it does, but we love it nonetheless.

And it seems that some nations love it more than the others. The countries from Insider’s list are chosen based on the frequency on the lists from the previous years. In addition, the forecasts for 2020 were also used as an indicator. After all, no official analyses will be done until the end of this year, so this should be the most reliable way to find out which nations are the biggest chocolate lovers on the planet.

Hm, don’t you think reading about 12 countries that consume the most chocolate in the world in 2018 calls for some chocolate? Go ahead, we know you’ve got some.


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