12 Countries with Highest Dairy Consumption and Low Osteoporosis Rates

Generations of people grow up convinced that milk and other dairy products were essential parts of everyday diet. We were told that we had to drink at least a glass of milk every day to grow strong and healthy bones. However, in recent years there is a growing body of claims that milk, cheese, and butter can trigger a range of illnesses including osteoporosis – medical condition that causes bone weakening so even mild stress can lead to fractures. One of the main arguments is that countries with highest milk consumption are also countries that have highest osteoporosis rates. If you look at Kazakhstan that has one of the highest prevalence of hip fractures in the world and which is one of the greatest milk consumers, you might conclude that there is direct correlation between milk consumption and osteoporosis. However, things are more complicated as the Insider Monkey’s list of 12 countries with highest dairy consumption and low osteoporosis rates, shows.

On one side, scientists agree that calcium, which is mainly found in dairy products, is necessary for developing and maintaining strong bones. On the other, they know that taking high amounts of calcium does not lower the risk of osteoporosis while it may even increase the risk of prostate cancer. Moreover, excessive consumption of dairy products can lead to cardiovascular diseases and ovarian cancer. Besides presenting great milk, cheese and butter consumers with medium or low risk of osteoporosis, Insider Monkey’s article also outlines some interesting studies about effects that dairy products can have on our health. If you want to find out more about this interesting topic, just click on the link provided above.


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