12 Countries with Highest Rape Crime Statistics in 2018

How is one to create a list of 12 countries with highest rape crime statistics in 2018 if the year hasn’t finished yet? Well, Insider Monkey can put together such a list using the most recent data on rape crime in countries already notorious for this horrible crime.

Rape crime is a ghastly act. It’s about violating someone’s body in one of the worst ways possible. What is more, victims have a hard time overcoming the humiliating incident. Hardly does anyone feel so ashamed, powerless and abused at the same time. Apart from psychological consequences, one of the worst scenarios is for a victim to remain pregnant. Even worse, in some countries, abortion is not an option, even if the pregnancy occurred without the consent of a girl or a woman. To fully realize how horrible the situation is, you should bear in mind that in such countries the law is the same for all victims, regardless of their age. As a consequence, a lot of teens (or even younger girls(!)), died during giving birth since their bodies aren’t fully developed to endure the giving birth process.

If you thought the highest rape rates are in countries which are famous for poverty and crime, think again. The first place on the list belongs to a highly developed Europan country. The standard of living isn’t necessarily the best indicator of female safety. In addition, the sources used for the research and ranking were various. If the country has made some progress recently considering the rape crimes, it didn’t appear on the list, even if a previous couple of years had horrible statistics. However, if some recent stories made the headlines, or  2017 showed an alarming trend, it was a sign of the grim future.

Therefore, take a look which countries are to be avoided by female travelers, i.e.  12 countries with highest rape crime statistics in 2018.


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