12 Countries with the Lowest Rates of Heart and Coronary Disease in the World

Heart diseases are one of the worst and most deadly diseases of the modern age. As much as 31% of globl population is dying from heart and coronary diseases annually. Heart diseases are consequence of many factors, incluuding genetic inheritance, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity exessive use of alcohol and tobacco among others. Most countries are facing the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle and stress in form of heart and coronary diseases. But, some are better in preventing those diseases than others.

Countries like Japan or France for example, are one of the leading countries in the world that have a good method in suppressing premature deaths caused by heart and coronary diseases. According to their example, it seems as healthy lifestyle is the number one in prevention of heart and coronary diseases.

If you are curious in finding out which the top countries with the lowest heart and coronary dieseases in the world are, proceed to the original article by Insider Monkey on this subject.


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